Whether it is health or business she is a master at both.

Holly is incredibly talented, helpful and just pure amazing. She is so valuable and has done so much for me and my business. I forgot the biggest asset in my business was me and I was working hard without taking care of myself.

Working with Holly, she made sure I took a step back. I was still working just as hard but was taking care of myself in the process. A few simple changes in my daily routine and diet and now I have way more energy, focus and best of all just healthier. I used to have to go to the hospital for my periods because they were so bad. Every month a build up of stress, diet and poor habits really added up. After working with Holly I have not had to go to the hospital and my periods are so much more manageable.

My health has not just improved but my business is thriving as well. I was finally able to quit my full time job and work fully on my own business. I was able to raise $455,000+ in one month on kickstarter with her help. Anyone that works with holly is so lucky and will 10x any investment they put in. Whether it is health or business she is a master at both.

- Tessa Agrey, Co-Founder of Hope Innovations

One of the best decisions of my professional career.

Just a day after the 2021 federal election, and the first time that I had run as an election candidate, Holly Doll reached out to me. She had followed my campaign, believed in my message and wanted to help me build a personal brand should I choose to run as a candidate again in the future.

I took the initial meeting and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my professional career. We have now been working together for nearly a year. Holly is very relatable, easy to talk with and provides great insight. Her advice has led to a significant growth in my online presence but more importantly, my personal and professional growth.

If you are in the market for branding, social media or business coaching services, I would highly recommend speaking with Holly to see how she can take your personal brand to the next level.

- Jared Pilon, CPA, CGA, TEP

She has a level of knowledge outside of nutrition, such as the psychological nature of her business.

Holly was very easy to open up to about my struggles with my health, nutrition and my lack of routines. She inspired me to take small steps to make big changes that I will keep up with instead of overhauling my whole life/nutrition in a short period of time, which I have tried and failed at in the past. My journey with her as my coach is not anywhere near over. I need to master a few steps at a time to make real, sustainable change. Holly’s coaching manages to be practical and effective while being non-judgmental and genuinely compassionate.

- Jenn, Veterinarian

Holly caused me to shift my lenses of belief completely and understand the cycle of burnout.

I realized after hearing Holly talk on Clubhouse that I’ve been in burnout for years. I’d been trying to improve my physical health and eat better but wasn’t finding the support I needed. I learned in her short session how burnout recovery needs a holistic approach and that hormones do play a role. This was new to me and no one else had ever spoken to me about that or seemed to understand how tired I was physically. I had come to consider it normal to need a week or two to recover from big events.

Holly is helping me learn how to eat and nourish my physical body for burnout recovery, the role stress (years of PTSD) has with regard to hormones and how unconscious patterns have inadvertently kept my nervous system in the #flightfightfreeze response. I’ve learned how to close that loop and am coping better than I have in years with all kinds of stress. I am feeling a return of energy and resilience, and starting to feel like a new me.

- Susan, Artist & Gallery Owner at Braid St Art Studio

I started to believe I would live this way forever.... My exhaustion has been around for 15+ years and what was another 15 years?

I was diagnosed with burnout almost three years ago and went in a journey to recover. Ebbing and flowing through the process with the help of my naturopath doctor and discovering my own techniques in the background. But, I kept wondering why am I not making the progress I need to get better. I wanted to feel vibrant. I wanted to have a quiet mind. I wanted to not want a nap every day.

Then Holly came along. I knew Holly for a while now and knew what her expertise was.

I participated in a live webinar and it was exactly what I needed. I worked with Holly with her one month VIP reset and I tell you what a difference. I dug deep and learned why and how I lived in burnout for years. I learned habits to take care of myself through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I learned how to listen to myself and most importantly I learned how to complete my stress cycles, which would of otherwise stayed with me for a long time. All in all I feel VIBRANT and my mind is quieter. I know now I have the tools to recognize my triggers of how and why I went down the road of burnout and to get myself back to the vibrancy I live with now.

Thank you Holly, I am truely grateful and thankful for the work we have done together.❤️❤️

- Jenni

Every day felt like it should be a duvet day...

I longed to come home from work so I could just lay on the couch under my duvet and watch tv. I had NO energy. No energy led to the quick ready made, processed, high sugar food or junk and more laying around thinking this would give me energy. I would actually avoid going out, telling my friends and family I didn’t feel well. I felt out of control and didn’t know I could actually regain control and quite easily!

I thought I was a victim of a busy life that led to unhealthy choices. A health scare gave me the push off the couch I needed and I fell right into Holly’s Facebook posts. I started reading and following everything she was saying and in a very short time frame, my life changed!

Within a month I started living again! I became excited about nutrition and my body wanted to move! I slept better, became more social and now just over 2 years later, I know I’m in control! I make choices in nutrition and fitness that let me live the life I want and do the things I want! I’m not perfect but I’m in control!

The Reboot with Holly was just what I needed!

I had an amazing trip to Italy this summer but struggled with sugar, salt and alcohol cravings once I got back and couldn’t seem to shake them on my own. I loved the meal plan that she provided and even better - my kids also enjoyed trying the new recipes.

The online community was key to my success because I was able to share my wins and struggles but also have the accountability that I needed. It’s important for me to know I am not alone and I look forward to continuing to be apart of the “Inner Circle” so that I can keep moving forward.

My energy has increased and that sluggish feeling is gone. I feel balanced instead of blah and my bloating has reduced. Thank you Holly!

The Reboot was exactly what I needed to refocus on fueling my body and learning how to listen to my body again.

I was stuck trying the same old diets I used to do before but it didn’t work anymore. I was tired of trying to count calories or count containers and not getting results inside and out. I also was tired of being so focused on results based on a number on the scale or on the tag of my clothes. I went into the reboot not wanting to focus on a number and Holly fully supported that.

There wasn’t a constant push to lose x number of pounds or find your abs. The focus was on how we felt from the inside out and learning how much our hormones control everything - which I had no idea. I learned about balanced plates and tried so many new foods and recipes that I ended up enjoying.

This opened me up to try new things but Holly was always there to help or answer questions to make the plan work for you. This program really is about your health and well-being and Holly shows she cares for each of her clients and never leaves anyone hanging.

The continuation of the group is awesome as it’s so full of knowledge, help and accountability (you get out of it what you put into it!).

Working with Holly is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

At the end of 2021 I was exhausted. I was loving where my business was going but I was tired. I had failed to set clear boundaries and instead of running my own business, my business was running me. After countless nights of little sleep I reached out to Holly. Six months later and I feel in control. So many entrepreneurs look for coaches who can help them grow their business faster. Let me suggest that you invest in yourself first.

Working with Holly has made such an impact for how I show up for myself, for my family and for my business. I had reached burnout and I didn't even know it. I was working 7 days a week and prioritizing my business over anything else in my life.

I am now able to take weekends to spend with my family be completely shut off and I can identify when I am feeling overwhelmed. Some of the smallest changes equaled the biggest results for me. Having Holly in my tool box allowed me to find joy in both personal life and my business.

©2023 Holly Doll